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When it comes to gloves in the food industry, safety and hygiene are of equal importance for protecting your employees, and your business reputation. 

The Needlers range of food industry gloves provides effective solutions for every type of food manufacturing. We are pleased to offer the specialist range of gloves from Tilsatec.  

With industry-leading cut protection, together with antimicrobial and contamination prevention features, these gloves offer unrivalled protection and comfort for your employees.

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Our Pro-Fit range of superior quality products are "Better By Design". Designed as a high-quality alternative to branded products, our Pro-Fit range offers added value through enhanced features that we've developed for specific Food Industry applications.


Our historic range of Reldeen products offers reduced costs to comparable products without sacrificing any quality. This fit for purpose range is well established and covers all of the most in demand requirements of Food Manufacturers.